Documentary: Route to Refinement

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 16.50.47.png

‘Route to Refinement’ is a factual documentary that I created. It looks into the world of car modification and the lives of car enthusiasts. Featuring a variety of different narratives and voices, it offers a explorative insight into car customisation, and answers a series of questions: Is it about image? Or is it a deeper psychological journey?

Directors note: ‘There is a lot more to being a car enthusiast than just modifying a vehicle. It’s about making dreams reality, building a community, and the journey of watching something you’ve wanted evolve right in front of your very eyes. Most importantly, it’s about refinement, precision, and the need for perfection.

The passion that a car enthusiast has is something that we all have within us. An innate need to succeed in what we love the most. Whether you are a fellow car enthusiast, or an everyday human with a passion of your own, ‘Road to refinement’ can find its relativity towards you.’

This is a project that showcases videography and editing skills, as well as creating a narrative to tell a journalistic story. Another important note to mention is that I produced, directed, edited, and created this documentary myself. The camera used was a canon c100, which improved upon existing camera skills and allowed me to experiment with a new camera. This documentary is something that I am looking into extending in the near future, with a bigger team of people to assist me, especially with car festivals and shows in the summer.

Here are a selection of visuals;

The full documentary can be seen here.


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