Obscure Magazine: Founder and editor

Here is a look into Obscure, a magazine that I created and was Editor for. This magazine showcases a set of skills, such as content creation, editing, use of software such as indesign and photoshop, and time management. It was created towards a strict deadline, and aims to fill a gap in the market for a unique and different magazine focusing on all things different in London. This is a project I am extremely proud of, and is soon to be launched online. (See below)

About Obscure: Whilst racking our brains and combining our thoughts we came to the conclusion everything we liked is – obscure. Things that are unique, not well known or simply different. This, along with our indecisive nature we both share inspired a magazine filled with various topics. We wanted to make a magazine that will cater to those who do not want to read the obvious. What is around that is not getting attention? That, to us, is interesting. Arts, photography, music, films that never quite reach popularity but remain hidden gems – people need a place they can find these things without hours of scouring the internet. And what goes hand in hand with liking things that aren’t mainstream; being a so- called ‘hipster’. Don’t like what everyone else does? You are automatically ‘hipster’. We’ve decided to play up to this idea. It’s all satire of course. Where else to start than East London’s hipster central? Brick Lane. This issue centers around that, reading this with a coffee is optional, as are beards. We like beards. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Obscure is soon to be launching online. Keep an eye out at www.obscvre.com 


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